1. ceiling fan lights manufacturers teach you to identify the air volume

    When many of my friends install the ceiling fans light fan lights will care about size of the wind, after all, although the fan lights decorative features are important, but as a function of the fan, its air volume size is also very important for its practical aspects. But the air volume to see how?
    said that the capacity of the fan lamp with fan motor size, leaf frame angle, blade angle, as well as use of the environment, etc. are relevant. Of course, motor, leaf frame angle, blade angle at the factory has been designed, and is the best data, so consumers have no need to worry.

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  2. What height is suitable for installation of ceiling fans with lights?

    According to what is suitable height ceiling fan lights?

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  3. Knowledge of Ceiling Fans Light

    Consumers bought a fan lights After opening the package, according to the inside or the Internet to find instructions say to install the video, according to the requirements of the specification or video fan lights installed correctly.

    Some customers may worry that the general feeling of insecurity ceiling fan lights installed, there is this doubt is normal, because the initial contact with the new product, there is this fear is understandable.

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  4. Ceiling fans with lights installation knowledge

    1, can not be installed in wet locations;
    2, the ceiling must be strong, do not install the electrical box and light steel frame;
    3, installation height, blades and ground must be 2.3 m;
    4, you must disconnect the power supply when installation;
    5, the headlights must be installed to protect the fan power switch;
    6, when installing vane fork, prohibit the use of leaf blade fork
    violently or under pressure, to prevent the blade fork leaf deformation;
    7, each screw must be locked, especially hanger, hanging lob fork head and leaf;

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